Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Travelling, worlds, people

Today I was travelling again, from Helsinki to Vienna, and then from Vienna to Győr. On the pic you can see the cookie I take each time when I am at the Vantaa airport waiting for the plane.

I got to know a very nice couple from Australia on the way to Vienna. They came to Austria through a so called "house-exchange". An Austrian couple is going to stay for 3,5 months in their home close Brisbane and they will stay in the Austrian couple`s house for 3,5 months. It was interesting that when I asked them how they can trust foreign people so much, they just said, that "Who knows, I guess you just trust certain people, or?".
Of course this is a registered website through which you can browse partners for home-exchange and people get recommendations from others. I think it is really nice, that nowadays there is these alternative choices for people who like to travel and do not just want to stay in a hotel as a tourist.

Here some small pic-collection from the place where Kathy and Steve are from. This place is called Brisbane, and it is close to the Great Barrier Reef. We exchanged emails, so who knows, I might make a visit there when my diving skills will be good enough to go and see the Great Barrier Reef. They told me that they have some orange farm and at the end of the garden you can see kangaroos jumping around. Funny that you take a flight for 2 hours and you can meet people who take you during the conversation to a totally different world compared to that where you have been living.

and this is the city center of my hometown, Győr, in Hungary. I think it is a bit similar to Tallin.:

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