Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Self-intro of an artist: Jules Heffner

I read this self-intro of Jules Heffner and I liked it so much that I decided to share it here that you can read it too.

"One night i had a dream. There was this little boy from Munich, who got his first stereo.He was so excited about the music that he decided to learn to play an instrument.It was the piano. Unfortunately he had to acknowledge that it didn’t suit him to imitate any composition. So he decided to make music himself and commited himself to Techno music. He started spinning records for friends, and afterwards for friends of friends. His tunes were melodic, the bass driving and simply made one happy. But the little boy also listened to some Indie music as a contrast and managed to playfully combine these two genres. Inspired by artists like HOSH,Oliver Schories, Gaiser and Edu Imbernon he conjured something new. He combined his love for electronic music with a touch of Joseph Arthur, Republic Tigers und Gypsy & the Cat.
When i woke up i realized that all dreams can be fulfilled and so this one also. I was this little boy, now grown up and living in Vienna, and can finally do what he has always been dreaming of. Everyone has a story and this is mine."

I was listening this nice set from him today:

Jules Heffner on the right side of the photo

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