Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Reflecting on my November-self

This is what I wrote in November:
"How a love should be, if not passionate as this song is. There can be of course various different relationships between people, but this song describes the feeling of LOVE so great. Someone comes and it happens, yes, it is not about doing the weekly shopping, or about paying the bills together, but what is life worth to live if not for moments like this when everything gets dizzy, because something so magical happens that it almost stops  your hearth. People who are lucky can have this feeling for weeks/months/years- the really talented ones for a lifetime with the person they found.

I think real love is about being soul mates, being so close to each others in hearth that it almost hurts. This song reflects this feeling so well, this mixture of friendship, white and black magic, creation and destruction. "

This is what I think now based on what I saw since then:

You would not believe how many people destroy their lives by sticking to choices they made once and it is killing them like a f.cking prison as they change and outgrow those limits they set once to themselves.

Love chases people to get married, which is nice, why not to share the joy in life with someone, if there is any joy in you. Then they have kids to prove how much they love each other, so they create a new human being. Of course normal people love their own kids- even I love my bunny and it is only a pet and not a human being..
So they have a family which works in normal case,or it just encapsulates them, sucks the life out of them and makes them to live this double life of perfect parents / cheating (better case) + taking all sort of drugs to forget about their misery.

Yes, I am cynical now and of course the situation is not so bad at all. I am just overplaying it.

As a short conclusion to reflect on my November-self: yes, I still believe so that real love is great and I believe in real families too. Just when I see all the sad people living those perfect lives it scares me, because I do not think that people should become a child-raising robot when they are at the 1/2 of their lives. There is also the second half, or in better case 2/3 coming and if we were born as a human being, everyone should take the chance to use it to the fullest.

There is so many parts of life waiting for us to be discovered who we really are through it: work, friends, love, sensuality, hobbies, travelling, sports...And of course yes, also relationships, marriage, parentage- if we find the partner at every life phase who wants to play the same game we do. If we are lucky in a traditional way (less heartbreak, but also less chance to re-think life) then it is the same person, if not, sometimes as we change the partners change as well.

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