Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Travel thoughts- Berlin inspiration

Took a while until I realized that when I go, I do not walk away from anything. I just simply like to pack my things, and go and discover places. Because when I am travelling I can be more happy for a latte and a piece of cheesecake than for any expensive design furniture or some compliment from anyone when I am at home in my everyday environment. I also like that no one knows me, and I can meet new people and listen to their stories.

Travelling shows me from time to time how much I like to be "one of many" in the crowd, to loose myself. How much I do not actually need to have power others, or lots of money, or attention. I like to travel alone, take photos, watch people. And the funniest thing after all the education and stuff is that I had to admit that although I have been trained all of my life to be somebody, I enjoy to be a nobody much more.

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