Tuesday, January 15, 2013

DESIGN: The latest collection of TheBetaversion

As you might have noticed already: I love design. From clothing through interior design to web design, I love everything what stands for good taste and creativity. In the last decade there has been many uprising stars of the Hungarian clothes- and accesoires-design industry who produce good quality products at European- and worldwide standards and offer unique products on the market.

I believe in it that if you mix clear modern design with some unique local features the end result turns out to be usually something tasteful and interesting. I like local features, because after a while your eyes get used to the design must-to-see-s and you are hungry for something what is a bit different but still fits in to the line what you follow.

I wrote an article about TheBetaversion already approx. one year ago, you can read it here:
Now I was planning to pick my favorites from their latest collection called KASITA.

Photo by Eszter Csepeli, Source: thebetaversion.com
(below a summary of the English language introduction of the collection)

In line with the previous collections also this one uses folk art as an inspirational source. The pieces of the collection take us to a time when objects of everyday were used with care, and the values of these objects were simplicity, functionality and durability.

Inspiration: the phone-, tablet- and laptop cases have geometric patterns of hand-woven fabrics used around the household, while the composition of the bags resembles the braided surfaces of baskets, furniture and fences of rural houses.
 „Your handbag is your home”- the quote indicates that having the proper bag with you you can feel home everywhere. (Which I totally have to agree with, since this is what my life is actually about, haha.-comment of me (monika)).

Pieces of the KASITA-collection: phone, tablet and laptop cases, and two handbags

Photo by Eszter Csepeli, Source: thebetaversion.com

Photo by Eszter Csepeli, Source: thebetaversion.com

Photo by Eszter Csepeli, Source: thebetaversion.com

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