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Breakfast places in Stockholm

In one month I will spend a weekend in Stockholm. I will go there with one of my best friends who has visited Stockholm already as well, so instead of visiting the main sights we want to visit nice clubs and have some great party and eat out at nice places.

In this post I share my findings about nice breakfast places. Since we are in Stockholm from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon, we need two nice places. Below you see the two places I found so far, I will update the list as soon as I see some other nice places.

According to Pienimatkaopas Tukholma ( a Finnish guide to Stockholm) there is not so big differences in prices depending on which part of the city you decide to eat out. There is all sort of foods in all of the districts, so there is no need to travel around and hunt for one certain kind of food in the city.

Breakfast in Stockholm

Cafe String
Cafe String, Source:
According to this place is a breakfast wonderland in the Södermalm district of Stockholm.  The cafe is said to have great interior design, good food and nice staff.

Since we will be at the weekend in Stockholm the breakfast buffet sounds really promising which is from 10:30 to 13:00, costs 80 SEK (9,2 EUR) and contains lot of delicious food what you might need after a hard night partying. For instance pancakes, pinapple, jam, orange juice, yogurt, eggs, ham etc.
There is also free wifi here.

Contact info: Café String | Nytorgsgatan 38 | 116 40 Stockholm | 08-714 85 14 |

Lisas Cafe och Hembargeri
Lisas Cafe och Hembargeri, source:

This cozy cafe is said to be a simple, but nice place with delicious sandwiches and home-baked bread. If the info is correct it opens really early, 6:30 in the morning and closes according to this at 3 p.m. Traditional food, affordable prices.

Address: Skånegatan 6811637 Stockholm


A small cafe in the touristic heart of Stockholm, right in the Gamla Stan. According to the reviews the prices are really normal in spite of the central location of the place. Visitors praise the nice hot chocolate, the cakes and cookies and many recommend this place as a good breakfast place. 
They have a Peace-flag at the door, so if anyone has problems with these kind of stuff (gay/gay-friendly places), do not visit. I do not have any problems with it.

Address: Stortorget 18, Gamla Stan, 11324 Stockholm
Open: daily 9-23

Albert & Jack`s Bakery and Deli

I found this place through the photo above on Flickr. Seems to have exactly that clean-cut Scandinavian design-style what I am dying for. To be honest I do not even care about the food there, I just want to visit this clean white heaven lol. But according to their homepage also the food is good here, because they have some stamp which says "we are in, where chefs eat".

They have several locations in Stockholm, you find the exact addresses on the bottom of their homepage:

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