Sunday, December 30, 2012

Second day in Berlin

As I mentioned before yesterday I went to Berghain. Queuing there was a real psycho kick, it is a bit pervert feeling to stand there and wait if they let you in. I was reading some articles on the internet which might decreases the chances, for example they do not seem to like tourist groups, prefer more some edgy-style than too "normal" or snobbish, no fights or aggressive behavior in the line etc. I will write more about this in the previous post today how was the queuing, but yes so I was partying until early morning, so I slept the whole noon.

Then I woke up and decided that I wanted to have lasagna for lunch, but somehow did not find a proper place where I felt like eating. I had to realize again that Germany is the heaven of junk food lovers, there is all sort of unhealthy food from noodles to oily sausages and sweet bakery products on every corner. Following the flow I decided to go to some fast food chains "restaurant" to take the unhealthy afterparty-lunch. It was not good. But bad., I should have taken the noodles or Currywurst.

the most famous fast food of Berlin: Currywurst

After eating I went to the Museum of Photography which is close to the Zoologischer Garten. There was a Helmut Newton exhibition currently, but to be honest his style is not so much my thing, but it was nice to see all his cameras, his photo equipment, his "photo-car" what he used to get to any scene where he had to take photos of.

Then I went to Unten den Linden and the Brandenburger Tor. My left knee started to hurt like hell, so I took the bus Nr100 from the Museum Insel to the Brandenburger Tor and then the same bus on the way home. I was taking photos meanwhile and enjoyed being in Berlin. I just simply love this city, it has an amazing atmosphere and even though it is a real metropolis the inhabitants are really tolerant and seem like positive and open-minded people.

Brandenburger Tor, Source:

On the way back I took a Käsekuchen (cheese cake) and a latte macchiato and practiced some exposure techniques what I read about recently on the train. Today I will go early to sleep and I plan to be out in the center already at sunrise. I want to go to that famous angel-statue (Siegessäule) and take photos of it at sunrise. Today it was raining a bit and the sky was getting a bit darker for a short time and the angel statue looked amazing as it was glowing when the sunshine was reflecting on it.

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