Saturday, December 29, 2012

Arrived in Berlin

Hello hello :). I arrived in Berlin and checked in at my hotel which is really close to Zoologischer Garten and Ged√§chtniskirche. The train trip was really fun, because I met Luisa and Matheus from Brasil. In Dresden some strict German Mum and her daughter got in our cabin, but it did not stop us to continue the same way as before making our crazy jokes and laughing all the time. They seemed a bit intimidated by our good mood, but...who cares?:D

As a first impression I had to realize that as a present exactly at this time all the escalators in Berlin are out of order, or better to say those ones which are going that direction where I should have taken them. If I wanted to go upwards they worked only downwards, when I went downwards they only came upwards. But I survived also this haha.

I bought the Berlin-Card for 5 days and got to Zoologischer Garten pretty easy. I had to cross at a Christmas market and the bells of the Gedächtniskirche started to ring exactly that moment when I passed by. I felt like in a a movie scene. People are smiling here, or at least at me (haha) and everyone seems relaxed and happy cause it is Saturday evening.


I will take some rest now and in the evening I discover the famous night life of Berlin where scar/cutting-like tattoos on someones face will play a major role at the start.

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