Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Kings of the City: Darkness

Quote from the lyrics:

Never thought I could see through the Darkness, He impeded my sight 
If belief was a light its the type that I needed to spark this 
So bright as a seed you're the smartest, then your dreams grew the fastest 
Tried to find out where the quick route to your heart is 
But the difference between me and you, you hope to break through when I mean to regardless 
See I can debut as the hardest, Or I can be viewed as the smartest

Sorry darkness this seed has conquered 
Only the heartless mislead the hunted 
Tried your hardest to leave us stunted 
But were oceans in the fish tank 

Hello younger years how are you today? 
Say goodbye to the setting sky and say hi to age 
I'm old before I'm young I cant control my tongue 
Coz were oceans in the fish tank 

From the Darkness is where they spark spliff 
Its K-Lash come to murder you rahtid 
Lets take it back to the heart where it started 
Cos this year I'm back on my grind 
I'm back on my grizzle back on my grind 

I've had to survive, its like a Krypton Fact its Facts infact everyday man casually die 
Its such a tragedy like and things can change I swear if you gradually try 
Man are still chasing the flash and the hype just for the cash and the whites 
Them man are gassing alie while I still spit with the passion to write 
But Ima still do music regardless, But I aint trying to lick no arses 
To get up where the charts is, Fuck that Ill take my chances

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