Wednesday, October 31, 2012

What the water gave me

I always promise to myself to stay patient and keep my calm...but it is so hard, when there is all the time irritations coming from all directions. This beautiful song and Florence with her beautiful voice made me think of the metaphor I once thought to myself how I would like to be: I saw a great pic of a dancer, and then I was thinking about that how nice it is that sure there is strong muscle work behind but the end result, the dance itself seems so light and careless.

Then the other thing I though about was the water-metaphor used so many times in different writings when symbolizing to deal easily with difficulties. Wish it would be easy to flow through the small cracks of the stupidities and common senses of life, and the power of resistance would not want to burst out sometimes from someone like a shout, or a punch one would love to give sometimes to others who are climbing to ones privacy and try to even crawl to their brains. I just have to write it, because today something like this happened to me that I wrote my opinion about something just to raise attention, and the other person kind of came in this teacher-like voice that yeye, we will talk and I tell you how it is...


I have my own brain and values, and I am also living this life. And I want that I can live in a world where people do not tell to each other what to think and how to think, but they try to understand more where the other person is coming from. No conformism, no down-looking on others, no snobbishness, no brain-darwinism. Or at least if people start to educate others I wish that the most experienced, best educated, and most valuable person ones would start to feel the urge to spread the word ,and start to convince others about their truth.

Huh..Ok, so this track of Florence and the Machines is very nice. I like it, because it is about water, and as I said water and air are my absolute elements, so I like this song too. Because so simple I am, oh yes. Thanks.

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