Thursday, October 11, 2012

Still in Wonderland (Márton street IXth district, Budapest)

The happiest moments of my life and the most important encounters all came by random. All my best friends rushed into it by accident and the mutual love and respect has stayed for many years. I arrived at this house in Márton street, in Budapest IXth district through the same kind of miraculous way.

I can tell you now the story. I started to go to the Botanic Garden (Füvészkert) which is near by my home in Budapest, but saw a yard where the fence was kind of broken and I stopped there to take some photos. I saw a man looking at my direction and I was sure that we will have some talk when I pass by. Some seconds beforehand I thought at an old house that how nice it would be to get in to one of these really nice old buildings and what a pity that the entrance is locked and you can get in only when someone invites you there.

So I walked by the man and it was this wonder of the moment, after some sentences he asked me if I would like to go to see the house and the yard, because it is a 102 years old nice old house which was renovated couple of years ago and it is absolutely worth to be photographed. He really had right. I felt like in wonderland and being there was such a peaceful and at the same time exciting experience to me.

It is so rare in life that pure beauty surrounds you without even the smallest danger of falseness or destruction. I took almost one hour to shoot photos here and I could have stayed even one day and it would not have been enough to capture all the beautiful things I saw. This is the second package of the photos I took and there will be more coming soon.

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