Thursday, September 20, 2012

Facts and fiction: daydreams of a traveler

It happens often to me that I have this feeling that the colors, lights, smell of the air reminds me of something what I have experienced and certain memories are connected to each others through these "color feelings" or impressions. It is not a déjavu feeling, more something like that as if our life would consist of repeated experiences from the same kind, appearing in different forms but with the same message.

Today I was walking as the sun was shining, and it made me remember two places I visited in the last years: Lüneburg (North-Germany) and Rome.

Lüneburg center

The two places might differ quite much, but now they just got connected in my brain and the daydream started: I saw myself in Lüneburg or in Rome sitting in a nice café in good company, drinking a latte, wearing those sexy Dolce and Gabbana sunglasses what I actually did not buy 2 years ago (what I am really sorry for now haha).

In Rome my favorite place is the Pantheon and the small streets around it, in Lüneburg I would go to the café where I was with one of my best friends last year. The memory-taste of those places is so similar in my brain, even though I was there in two different seasons and the cities are so different themselves. 

Daydreams are interesting, because you never know how much is too much from fantasy and imagination, not to speak about the question of reality and things being real and unreal.. Anyways it feels good sometimes to slip to the world of daydreams. Not because reality would be so bad, but because it is a nice feeling to experience that light and careless feeling of being not too serious and still enjoying the trip. And you do not even have to pay a lot for flight tickets and accommodation and stress if you can take couple of days off from work.

"It is on the whole probability that we continually dream, but that consciousness makes such noise that we do not hear it." - Carl Jung


Street life Rome


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