Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Program for couple of hours long stay in Vienna

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I will write this post only in English now, because I am quite exhausted nowadays. Sooooo, it seems that I will have some hours in Vienna before I go by train to Budapest and I decided that I want to spend couple of hours there. I am waiting for my Mums recommendations, since she is the Vienna-expert in the family, but until that I started to browse the internet for some tips and hints.

Now you can see the reult of my brainstorming so far: I was interested in three things mostly: cafes, art exhibitions/galleries and some nice place to chill.

Here are my findings:

1, Volksgarten

For the parks I decided to visit the Volksgarten, because it is close to the center and as far as I remember, it is a nice place. There is some fountains and rose bushes for example. I will just by a Weissbier/Coronita/Sol or a plain Coke Light and some fruits and sit on some bench or lie in the grass and chill. This will be the first day of my holidays and the day before the wedding of one of my best friends anyways, so I need to be relaxed when I arrive to Budapest.

2, Cafes

Here I had a bit harder choice and I am still not sure which one I will land at at the end, but I guess it will be Julius Meinl, because I read about the owner some time ago and always wanted to check out one of their cafes.

Cafe Meinl
I was already in Cafe Central many years ago when I participated in an exchange. So, I might not want to go there once more even though it was nice, but try something new. But if you have not been there and you want to see a traditional and famous old cafe house of Vienna you should definitely visit, because it is a pearl of the cafe culture of Vienna.

Cafe Central
I found Cafe Demel pretty impressing based on the photos. I have this bad habit, that I whenever I enter the shop and something catches my eyes it must be the most expensive thing. Also here the place seems very stylish, traditional, chique and the cookies seem to be tasty. It just depends on one`s daily budget for a holidays if you allow here a food-ride for yourself or not. You can check their prices and decide for yourself. Anyways even the shop window is amazing and according to their reference list, Sissy herself used to order cookies and cakes from here.

Cafe Demel
3, Exhibitions

I saw three exhibitions which I think would be interesting to see, the entrance fee ranges between 8-11 EUR. I think I would more probably visit the MAK Wien, but I list also the other two as well.

MAK Wien in my opinion the names of the collections already talk for themselves, I am the most interested in the Asia Collection, the Collection Ceontemporary Art, Collection Furniture and Woodwork and the Collection Textile and Woodworks. The entrance fee is 8 EUR, all other info is to be found on the homepage. 

MAK Wien
 The other two collections were: Orien&Occident- Belvedere (11 EUR), Wien, Wein&Kunst- Kunsthistorisches Museum (12 EUR)

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