Thursday, February 16, 2012

Conscious travelling

I would like to write now a bit about consciousnesses while travelling.

This topic came to my mind through a real life-situation when I was travelling back to Helsinki this weekend from the skiing holidays. Usually I like to be just in time at the airport, I check in on line the night before, drop the luggage quickly and I am ready for boarding. But this weekend life mixed up my plans a bit, and I had almost 1hour 20 minutes until the boarding after the security check.

I decided already beforehand, that I will try to make the most of the situation and use the time I have. So I watched the half of Alien 4, drunk two coffees, ate a Kinder Bueno and I even discovered that there is free wireless connection at the Vienna Airport and I actually felt really nice and relaxed.
Random circumstances can be quite ok sometimes, even if we did not plan them, if we have a bit different attitude and do not complain all the time that things did not work out how we planned them first.

This inspired me to collect the thoughts which came to my mind on the topic of conscious travelling:

  • When we travel what we see and how we feel is depending much more on us than on the circumstances. If you have an open-minded attitude and want to feel good instead of being irritated, dissatisfied and angry, you will find the ways to feel good.
  • Being present mentally at every stage of the journey. Not only when we arrive somewhere, but also when we are on the way there. (for example at the airport enjoying the coffee what we drink, having time to smell perfumes what you do not have during the rushing everyday, watching a movie and concentrate on it).
  • Controlling our emotions-not to expect strong positive experiences only from seeing a particular sight/ doing a particular program 
  • Taking time for experiencing what we see, see the details
  • Travelling in order to see a particular lifestyle or culture can be quite good way to learn more about the things we are interested at certain stage of our lives.
  • Money-wise doing what you can afford, booking in time, and comparing prices of several offers for the same trip can save you from being frustrated because of counting your money all the time during the trip or being broke for months after a holiday which lasted only couple of weeks.
  • Being open for local things-try to avoid positive and negative prejudices, being open for your own feelings on the spot
  • Accept random changes, adjust to them
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