Saturday, January 7, 2012

My road in long exposure photography

Mónika Csapó- All Rights Reserved
Mónika Csapó- All Rights Reserved

Mónika Csapó- All Rights Reserved

I decided that I get more familiar with the technical games what photography offers to one. I like long exposure photos a lot and I chose this technique to be the first. I was having the first practice lesson at home, first I took the photos "from hand" then I made a semi-stable stand from books.

I will learn finally how to use a photo-stand and go out to shoot some outdoor photos too. and I plan to read more about the topic. I was making an experiment now between 1 and 30 sec. Even a stand from books helps a lot to stabilize the camera. Typical long exposure photos are city-pictures of cars moving on the road, stars moving in the sky in circles, making "light-waves" in front of or around sg.

In my photo above there is a matchbox "moving". Boring and basic, but people are not born like knowing these technical things. Technique is not substituting soul in photography, but can help to express yourself even better. Also in travel photography sometimes you do not have so much time to catch a moment or a good topic, so it is better to practice these techniques beforehand that if you are on the road you can just use it automatically.

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