Thursday, August 3, 2017

Why is it so hard to say what you want to say? Why is it so hard to do what you want to do?And still..sometimes it is possible

I have disappeared for a good reason again. I was working on an actress portfolio of one of my friends. It was an interesting and challenging project. Actually it has been because I am still working on some photos.

Although I noticed something what was very disturbing in the beginning: doubt what blocks you from starting something important to you. It was not a fear of failure more like when you want something so much and your brain starts to work against you. And instead of getting you in the mood of excitement and being confident it tells you how hard it will be and that you have never done something like this before and so on. Sometimes you are really your own worst enemy I guess.

Then after watching some speech about exactly the same topic I found a thought in it what was very helpful and made the work process easier. It was about how contradictory thoughts and feelings can block projects and relationships.

It is so easy: if you decide to do something do not push the break and the gas at the same time.

Do not try to fix relationships what you are not sure about. If you want to meet people do not  play horror scenarios in your head how that meeting might suck until you do not even tell them to want to meet them in the end. If you want to learn something you do not know yet do not get stuck at the  point that you do not know it yet. Try to find ways how you can learn it. And then just simply go and try it in practice. And even while trying to apply a new theory in  practice do not think about how it will look bad for the first try. Think about it rather that now you know the theory and you will succeed at some  point because you know there is a technique what makes it possible to do it. And if you can not do it alone you can find a teacher who helps you to learn.

It does not have to be the first try what will be the one. Not in work, not in relationships not in stages of friendships or relationships. 

There is no big finish line anyways. One project follows the other, one new thing to learn the other. If you are invested in something there will be no stopping. There will be always new problems, new plans. Ideas waiting to be converted into reality. Success is just a stop until a new problem arises. But it does not mean that the "journey" has to suck. With discipline and faith it can be also fun or at least engaging.

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