Thursday, December 3, 2015

In Copenhagen again


I had the chance to spend the second part of last week with my friend of more than ten years in Germany. Although the weather was nice only on one day -exactly when we went for a guided tour in Lüneburg- it felt really good to see my friend again and also to be in Germany after a long time. Besides Lüneburg I spent one day in Lübeck and I was shortly in Hamburg too on the way there and back.

Nothing has changed, we are connected the same way with my friend and my "German parents" too. I am aware of it but it still amazes me from time to time: if you have crossed a certain limit with certain people no matter how often and after how long time you see again, everything continues from where you left it the last time.

There was also a very funny thing happening in Copenhagen on the way to Germany. I stayed there for one day before the German part of the trip. And I met someone from Canada in the hostel who has read my blog. It was a Canadian girl who studies in Germany now and when she was searching for blogs about Copenhagen she has read my blog as well. It turned out when we started to talk about Copenhagen sights and I sent her the link via Faebook, then she turned to me and told me that she thinks she knows my blog. It was a very funny and pleasant surprise.

About the day (or more like an afternoon) in Copenhagen: it was amazing as always. I LOVE Copenhagen. I didn`t have too much time now but it was just enough for visiting all my favorite places in the inner city. I got there exactly for the end of the lunch buffet in Riz Raz, could shop for some presents in Pilgrim and bough some small  Danish home decor souvenirs for myself  in Mant.

I could have stayed couple of days longer too but hopefully the time of my next visit won`t be too long.

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