Sunday, October 18, 2015



*pls click on the photos to see the full-sized versions of them

These photos were taken in Meilahti, Helsinki. I noticed this spot as I was walking home from the shop. It looked so interesting as the light was shining through the branches of the trees lighting the dark space between them. The back light was also highlighting the silhouettes of the trees in a very nice way. It made me remember stories about trees in old mythologies.

As I was copying the photos I remembered again that in many (probably all) cultures they had mythologies about trees and forests. I was google-ing this topic and I found a quite thorough summary on some random page of mythologies about trees in different cultures . I like mythologies anyways so it was an interesting read for me and I also got to know new things about mythologies about trees in Hungarian or Finnish ancient religions/belief systems what I have never heard of before at all.

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