Thursday, July 23, 2015

Copenhagen Travelouge Nr 5: Cycling around in Nørrebro (including recommendation about food places, bars and cafes)


Nørrebro is the so called multicultural district of Copenhagen. When you drive around here by bike you will see lots of wall paintings like these. Some of them are quite simple but others like these ones are very well drawn. Also cycling to Nørrebro is fun because you have to cross one of the bridges to get here and the view from the bridges is really nice.

It is interesting to see how different the different neighborhoods are in Copenhagen. My favorites have been so far Vestebro and the inner city but I can understand why some people like Nørrebro the most. I also liked what I saw from Fredriksberg when I got lost ( I was thinking that I was cycling towards the city center but it was actually the totally opposite direction).

If you get hungry or want to drink a latte at a cool place in Nørrebro I recommend  you to visit Retro Norrebro for coffee and a place called Healthy Hunter for food. They are in the same street which is called Jagersborggade . Since they are not specialized in serving food a Retro and the owners of the two places are friends they allow you to take your food from Healthy Hunter to Retro Norrebro and eat it while drinking your coffee there. There is also a Coffee Collective coffee shop in the same street.

Some other good food places and bars which has been recommended to me by a kind local who I met at Davids Samling:

Cafe N (vegetarian) Ahaa (Middle Eastern) Vinhanen (wine bar) Harbo (bar)
Props (bar) Kate`s Joint (mixed food) Kimia (music,bar)

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