Friday, May 1, 2015


Vappu is the celebration of spring in Finland. People usually go to party (get drunk) already on the 30th April and the celebration continues on the 1st May. Many are wearing white caps which is a trademark of this celebration such as the student overalls and vappu-balloons. Festivities include also a picnic with family and/or friends on 1st May.

In Helsinki Kaivopuisto is the most popular park for Vappu picnic. We usually make some salad at home what we bring with us, get some baguettes from the shop, a bottle of wine or champagne and some strawberries. The pros not only bring a picnic sheet, but often also camping chairs, sometimes even party tents and an audio system. It is not uncommon that people listen already on the tram on the way to Kaivopuisto to music and sing along- mostly it is semi-drunken students who do so. 

The picnic is usually great. Even when the weather is chilly - like this year- people still go for it. The only bad thing is the overcrowded tram on the way back from Kaivopuisto to the city centre, but it is not so bad that you would not forget it until next year, because if you live in Helsinki vappu= Kaivopuisto.

Photos by Monika Csapo

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