Tuesday, April 21, 2015


After one week drying in rice the lens on the pic is alive again. It was a very unpleasant evening last week as it got detached from the camera body while i was taking photos and fell to a slop. After all it was the lesser of two evils because if it would have hit the rock bottom of the slop it would have broke instantly for sure.

Luckily i caught the lens shortly after/while falling so there were couple of drops which got inside, but it still took over a week that they dried off.

The moral of the story is that you should always wait for the "click" sound when you attach a new lens to the camera body, and if you are not sure you heard it you should take off the lens and attach it again.

I am very happy that this bad incident ended so happily, because i was really sad to consider that i might have lost one of my new favorite lenses. I tried to check if it works already two times last week, but it could not show F-values because there was still water inside, but yesterday when i tried it for the third time it was miraculously working again.

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