Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Finnish spring

I took these photos couple of weeks ago when the snow started to melt in Suomenlinna. There was this great atmosphere of spring approaching on the island. Many people think that Finland is a "cold and dark" place, but as you can see there is a lot of light even during early spring time- at least in the southern parts of Finland for sure.

You could see the signs of spring approaching also in the harbor, the boats and the boating gear was still lying around on the shore in a bit of chaotic state, but the snow was melting and everything was just waiting for a big spring cleaning.

As I was walking around i met a woman walking her dogs and we talked a bit since she came to take photos as well. It was cool that when we met on the way back again she recognized me and said hi. In general Finnish people do not like small talk, but my personal experience has been that Finnish people are just like any other people- if you click with someone it is easy to have a conversation from that moment on.

Visiting Finland in spring has many positive sides: you can still see the snow and experience the chilly climate and clear air, but the sun is shining much more than it does during the grey winter months. The lights are excellent for taking photos, and people are already more cheerful because of the brighter and longer days.

Sure, the touristic peak time is summer, but also spring has its positive sides.