Saturday, November 22, 2014

We had today this years` first real snow in Helsinki, this means that tomorrow (or on Sunday) it is camera-time again. As I got off from the bus today evening I had to stop and have a look at the scenery. Every year when the first snow comes, it is the same feeling: everything looks so beautiful.

Luckily I can go to take those pictures- I was not so sure about this since there was a little accident happening in Copenhagen. 

Somehow I left the camera backpack half-open and as I took it off from my back when I sat down the camera fell to the ground. That awful noise when the camera hit the ground was just as bad as when I heard my own foot breaking last autumn.

Life is an adventure, right?

I spent today evening with some meaningful activities besides getting the camera checked. I gave away a bag full of old stuff again. I was hesitating between selling and giving away, but when I realized what might be my real motive for giving away, I decided to do so.

By the evening I arrived at the conclusion of the day: even if it is not yours any more, you do not really loose something what you give away freely.

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