Friday, October 10, 2014

Andrei Tarkovsky

I watched today Tempo di Viaggio which is a sort of documentary movie directed and written by Andrei Tarkovsky, showing his trip through Italy with the script-writer Tonino Guerra, while they search for the perfect scene for his upcoming movie called Nostalgia.

I have many favourite parts from Tempo di Viaggio . One is the poem at the beginning, the other when Tarkovsky is listing her favourite directors , and of course the scene with the thermal bath at the end which was later the key scene of Nostalgia.

I also liked the metaphor with the small iron ball when Andrei Tarkovsky complains that he has only seen beautiful tourist sights for four days now, but those places are so plain beautiful that he can not place his character on scenes like them.

I like Andrei Tarkovsky, because he is insightful yet simple. Because of this he can transmit heavy messages effortlessly. He talks about it later also in Tempo di Viaggio that he thinks it is important to be self-identical as a director and represent the same values as an artist and an everyday person.

The scene when they talk about some floor in the nearby palace which has scattered rose leaves painted on it was great too. I was watching and thinking: only artists and very rich people can afford this luxury to spend as much as time as they want on talking about unnecessary, but beautiful things.

Andrei Tarkovsky died quite young, at the age of 54. He was married twice, and had three children. He was the son of a noted Russian poet. They had a mutual respect and admiration towards each other with the great directors of his age. For example Ingmar Bergman who he liked a lot told the following about him: "Tarkovsky for me is the greatest (director), the one who invented a new language, true to the nature of film, as it captures life as a reflection, life as a dream."

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