Sunday, August 3, 2014

Life is a road trip

I admit, I stole this quotation from one of my Facebook-friends, but since I really like it, I decided to use it as the opening sentence of my today`s post. I have been thinking about travelling a lot lately. May be if there are previous lives and so, I used to be a nomad in one of my previous ones, because I just can not/ don`t like to be at the same place all the time.

This summer is a bit hard for me, because I decided to do the drivers license, and I can not take any real holidays. I see all the people travelling around and my heart is aching, but then I remind myself why I am doing the drivers license: to be able to move even more freely. To go for a road trip in Norway from South to North with a rented car, drive around in Tuscany or once if I am very lucky drive through the Road 66 with my friends from San Francisco to New York..

As I process all the things which happened to me during my life so far, I realize that life can be full of good moments, and it would be nice to live a life where these good moments can be lived and shared with others even more often.

Moment like when I was walking in Florence and looked intuitively to the right and saw a yard where the wall was covered with beautiful mosaiques. Or when I was walking back to the train station, looked back and saw this amazing view with the Florence Cathedral and the houses in front of it...

Finding something we truly like is sometimes not a strictly positive experience. It is actually something very disturbing at the start. It shakes one up, attacks the status quo, makes us think how we should/could live, and makes us re-evaluate things.

But may be at the end for some of us life is not about the status quo at all, but more about being honest and reflecting on our current thoughts and feelings. And may be there comes a time when the "new" in us is not disturbing us any more, because we decide to follow it. At the end this is how we do a transition from one life phase to the next.

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