Friday, August 29, 2014

La Vera Entita

e questo sole d'agosto
ritorna sempre più forte
con questa voglia di viaggio
se riuscirò alla fine a farmi del male
alla luna di notte
che non illumina tutto
e questo perdere i sensi
senza neanche un motivo

lascia che si liberi la vera entità
slegami e non avere più paure…paure
lascia che si liberi la vera entità delle cose
slegami e non avere più paure…paure di volare

Yesterday something interesting happened to me again. Two people were talking German next to me, and suddenly they realized I understood all they said (I am so good at doing poker face). I was looking at the sun going down from the window, and the sky was really red. Then the woman sitting next to me said to her friend in German "Look, the sky is so red. Just like in Africa on the savannas. Only the lions are missing". And then she turned to me and said in German "Isn`t it so?"

That is how our almost one hour long conversation started. We talked about many things, it was funny how fast we switched topics during the conversation for being strangers. And sometimes it really felt so that we finished each other`s sentences with the lady sitting next to me.

I like also this kind of "traveling" when I do not really go anywhere, but trough people from other places I got to know a bit of a new world.

Then there was also Italians around us, and I was already looking and listening since I started to learn Italian lately. When I was reading my notes I was sure I felt it right that the lady was looking at them, even without turning there to see it. And during our conversation she once switched suddenly to Italian, and asked in Italian how I am doing and where am I from. It was embarrassing in front of all those "real" Italians, they got silent when they heard us talking in Italian haha. They do not have to worry yet though, it will take couple of months that I can understand some of their talk..

Then I was thinking about how funny it is that our ego even affects things we do for fun. With this "Oh it is embarrassing that i can not pronounce things properly" way of thinking the learning and the trying gets totally blocked.

At the end this lady from Vienna, Elfi, wrote me down her address and phone number and said that she would be very glad if I would visit her when I am in Vienna. I dunno, it is funny that these things happen to me, because I do not consider myself too much of an over-social person, still somehow I meet new people all the time while being on the road. 

I like C. G. Jung a lot, and he was writing in one of his books about synchronicity. Every time when I have an instant connection with a stranger I have this strange feeling too that may be there is some reason behind meeting people by "random", and I can imagine that sometimes they really carry a message what we might understand much later. It can be a sentence what they say, or how they look, or the topics they make us think about.


  1. A thought provoking post :)
    Thanks for sharing this.

    1. Thank you Rajiv! This was one of the main reasons why I started this blog: to share the stories I hear, and things I see "on the road". Last week I also met a family from Mumbai on the train from Vienna to Budapest. They were on an Eastern-European tour with their children and their brother-in-law.