Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Photo by Monika Csapo

"Elegance is refusal."
- Coco Chanel

It would be nice to go to Hanko again, but also the seaside in Helsinki is a great place in the summer. There is a park called Kaivopuisto where you can sit on the rocks and look the boats pass by- it is one of our favorite spots with my friends.

We went here also last weekend, and had a great relax time. I could feel the contrast later a lot.

May be stress is also related to wrong focus and tiredness togeher. We have all so much noise in our lives, unnecessary stuff with no importance still stealing the energy from good thins.
I guess it is more relevant for women, but for example collecting information about people who you don`t like is total waste of time, or thinking of things what should/could have happened instead of focusing actual happenings of the present.

If one gets carried away with the flow of negative thoughts, it is easy to see the bad part much stronger, and the good part as almost insignificant.

I think also the environment matters a lot. We should position ourselves like that that possibly we are surrounded by people who make us feel good, and inspire us.

I decided to cut short my tiredness-wave and focus on planning the summer more. Did some shopping, and contacted some people who can help me out with the studio photography things i want to learn during the summer. Good things come when one can be in peace and concentrate on what matters. Which seems hard, but basically is just a decision to say yes to the things which benefit us, and no for those which don`t.

I wrote some points as the start for the summer-refresh

  • Just as random bad can happen, also random luck happens all the time.
  • Certain capabilities and experience are gained for ever and can not be taken away from us even in the hardest times.
  • Our reaction to certain situations is our own choice.
  • We have the right to create our mental environment: things we think about, what we believe in, what we pay attention to.
  • Law of attraction: when we push ourselves to be thankful for small things, after a while our attitude might change, and we can create more favorable conditions for ourselves overall.

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