Monday, May 12, 2014

St Petersburg re-visited (2014)

St Petersburg by nght by Monika Csapo

At the end of this post you find my travel plan/diary from couple of years ago. I just realized that if I could go now to St. Petersburg, I could read the names of the metro stations already!!What a relief! Last time I would not even know where I am when I was using the metro if my Polish friend who knows Russian would not have been there.

Let`s see if I manage to organize a trip in such a short time, but this is sort of also my answer to the current situation: I have my opinion, but it would never stop me from visit a city full of cultural treasures, where I even have friends who are really nice people.

Last time there was Starbucks in St. Petersburg,  not in Helsinki yet. Now we have also one in Helsinki. Very important fact to mention. I had last time 1,5 hours for the whole Hermitage, because the line was so huge, but even like this, running through the Hermitage was a very impressive cultural experience. An other place I liked a lot was the house of Dostoyevsky (not Bulgakov haha). And of course all the orthodox churches are always a very interesting thing to see with their iconostases, mozaiques and onion domes.

When I looked at the photos now, I really felt like going back again.

Travel plan:

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