Friday, April 18, 2014

Many funny happenings

X takes Y to the Azores what Z had been talking about for years that she would like to visit. Might Y know it where X got the idea from? T is humming Liszt`s Liebestraum for K because he thinks K will not recognize it, but K actually does, but no one say a word. This is one reason why I am chasing rather light instead of people. I don`t like miscommunication. The valuable things will stay anyways, and time will decide what was valuable and not. All the other things are just pointless waste of time and f. around. 

I had this moment of enlightenment when I was thinking about how I could spend the 4-days holidays the best way possible, and I feel like going to Hanko for a short trip to the sea. I will make a day trip, take the camera with me and take photos as long as I feel like taking photos. I might go there for an other weekend again to rest in the amazing Hotel Regatta a bit, and get up early in the mornings to watch the sunset over the sea, and eat their delicious oat meal with jam after it. I am talking about it now, but I really don`t have any expectations. It will be just good to be there at the water again.

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