Wednesday, March 19, 2014

To share or not to share: less is more (more or less)

Ups, the pics disappeared from the blog completely for a day and I just noticed it after one day!
There is someone to blame for this: Sandra Bullock. Yes, it was absolutely her fault. I read an interview with her where she told about her findings when googling herself, and this pulled the trigger.

So I googled myself too. The result:a forgotten blog, forgotten Youtube-playlists, and 47 public comments on Soundcloud. Not as if my life or person would be particularly interesting, but it was a bit scary to see what people might see if they try to fish some info about me, because it is so easy to make a wrong picture about someone based on some pieces of information.

For example the blog I found from many years, and what I totally forgot about is absolutely irrelevant today. It was not a conceptual blog, but more an online diary, and nowadays I think that I should have bought a notebook and write my thoughts there. Although I am a big supporter of free speech, I switched that blog off, because 1, even I do not remember what I wrote there. 2, I do not want that people identify me with something what I do not identify myself with any more.

After this I cleaned my public Soundcloud comments, and restricted by accident also the album of the blog by accident on Google Plus. I got too excited about de-cluttering again haha..

 To share or not to share?
remains the question. I think there is nothing wrong with sharing itself. We all have a need for communication and to connect with others. We just have to be aware of it that if we put out something on the web, it will stay there forever unless we remove it ourselves, and opening up makes us more vulnerable in general.

Sometimes when we feel good, or achieved something great, it would be better to call or text someone close to us, or write an Email about it. The pleasure to get some likes can not be compared to real human contact. One reason for this is that the communication on the web is often a communication without context and real logic. It is just like shooting balls around in the air with no real goal or direction.

Especially if you have a message what you want to get through, it is good to learn to focus. You should not restrict your posting, because people criticize you. But less is really more. Because if you really know what you want to say, your messages gets through much better, if you communicate in a straightforward and more clean way.

This is the summary of my online de-cluttering:

- one irrelevant blog
- an other what I started as an idea for photo selling site, but never really used
- Youtube-playlists I never listen too
- the Soundcloud comments I mentioned above
- not so important Facebook photos and Movies I watched

The cleaning felt good, but one is for sure: googling was enough now for the next couple of years!

PS.: I put these minimalist interior pics for you to represent how refreshing clean spaces feel :p.

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