Friday, January 17, 2014

Truths fail

First of all I have to show my desktop background. Feel free to save it and put it as a background for yourselves. There are all the instructions what you need in order to survive adult life without getting insane:

And now I want to show you a quote from Céline:

“As long as we're young, we manage to find excuses for the stoniest indifference, the most blatant caddishness, we put them down to emotional eccentricity or some sort of romantic inexperience. But later on, when life shows us how much cunning, cruelty, and malice are required just to keep the body at ninety-eight point six, we catch on, we know the scene, we begin to understand how much swinishness it takes to make up a past. Just take a close look at yourself and the degree of rottenness you've come to. There's no mystery about it, no more room for fairy tales; if you've lived this long, it's because you've squashed any poetry you had in you.” 
― Louis-Ferdinand Céline

Based on these two quotes above and one sentence (?from the Bible) : "The truth will set you free", I would like to write here about how less depressed some people would be in my opinion if other people would stop to glorify "the truths", and start to speak, act and live more honestly.  
The problem is of course that when lot of people tell the same lie, the ones who do not believe in it are the ones who seem crazy. Anyways..This is my little contribution to the good cause.


-One night stands are cool: Sometimes yes, but mostly there is less awkward feeling than saying goodbye to a complete stranger, thinking about how to behave, and what to say until you can get rid of him/her.
- Love always wins: No, love does not always win. People move away, change, get worn down from life, turn boring, gain weight, might loose their charming personality. And which is the "best": sometimes when two people love each other/ have a biig crush on each other, they might not even confess it to each other. So, love does not always win. It is not so often that a marriage follows a big romantic love affair. On the other hand if it is so, those are the marriages which really last for very long time.
- There is gender equality in the 21st century: Not true, people still can not really categorize women who look good, have money and a strong personality.
- People can live happily only in a relationship: If you live in a happy relationship, it can be the best thing in the world to be surrounded by love and care every day. But there are also other things which can make you happy until you find it: books, good movies, friendship, your self-discovery journey, traveling, or challenging yourself in sports. Discovering something true about yourself or life in general can be at least as big pleasure as living in a relationship.
- Relationship= good/appropriate sex life: No! Many people who live in relationships do not have sex for months or even years. And sometimes there are also problems with the quality in addition to the frequency.
- What really matters is your inside: No, it is also a way of respecting your chance to live that you care about  how you look and live healthy (healthier). Of course it matters a lot what kind of person you are. This gives you character, that is what people can fall in love with later on when they know you better, this is why your friends like you so much, why you might get hired for your dream job. But it also matters a lot how you package your inside. That you do not damage your inner organs with 20 kg overweight,exercise, wear clothes which reflect your personality etc.
- Smoking weed is the first step of becoming a junkie: no, smoking weed every now and then is just like getting drunk.
- Real friendships last forever: no, people change. Sometimes a lot, and if you can not respect the mutual changes it will lead to nasty fights, and you have to say goodbye, just like breaking up in a relationship. It does not mean that the friendship was not true, but it is just not worth to stick to something which makes both people sick in long run.
-Money is bad.: Money is not bad, money is something very neutral which can be used for good and bad things. Mostly you can earn money with work which shapes your character. Money gives you freedom as well. Freedom to travel, to buy things you find useful or simply beautiful. It also gives you power, for instance the power to help others who you want to help. The more powerful you are, the less you have to care what other people think of you, and if you are powerful, creative and intelligent, this combination can make real wonders.
- Intelligent people always succeed: No. If you are intelligent it means that you look through false social etc rules, and first it will make you feel very uncomfortable when you realize how the world really works. Many intelligent people break at this point. It is a big shock to realize how fake the world is sometimes, and takes a lot of power to keep your faith and fight through the dirt for causes you believe in. 
You have to learn to behave and use the language everyone else speaks, collect money, experience etc.And THEN when you did all of this, then yes, you can really succeed. But you have to take care of your soul and nerves a lot until you do so, and learn to distance yourself from certain things you still must to dive in.
- Pretty people are shallow and stupid: No, sometimes pretty people are just pretty and that`s it, and it does not have to be connected with any negative attributes.
- The truth always wins.: The truth does not always win, nor does honesty. Taking the philosophical to a more everyday level: you still have a chance to "win" when you learn how to live in peace with yourself and the world in spite of that that you will not always win even when you are right. You can use your own subjective truth to build a world inside the world for yourself which helps you to find your own ways, and try to do it so that you hurt the least amount of people, and let the least amount of people hurt you.

I dedicate this post to ML who is the most intelligent person I met lately, and who made me start to read books again :).

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