Thursday, December 19, 2013

My first impressions about Florence

This is my first writing from Florence. I have been here for couple of hours now and I am amazed! This is all so miraculous. People are very open, and talk to you- or at least to me. I look at the map and the lady tells me the name of the street we are at without me asking her about it.

I have the camera in my hand and a man walking with her wife says in a funny voice how small the objective is - it is the 70-300mm telezoom, which is really a big one.

I learned already how to say thank you and a latte for take away in Italian.

I went to a McDonald`s when I arrived, because I was so hungry, and when I came out I found myself in the coolest animation movie of nature. First I heard the voices of hundreds of birds, then I looked up on the sky and it was all black and you could see the birds forming circle, flying from here to there. This is when I took the first pictures in Florence what I will post soon.

People smiled to me and looked to the sky, I met a photographer who told me that you can see this every day only between 4:40 to 6 pm. As I was taking photos and looked at those amazing patterns and listened to the sound of the birds passing by I felt so alive. I could feel how I am re-charged with life again!

Now I am in the hostel and logged in only to write this post. I will go to the shower soon and sort the photos later at a cafe what I saw on the way here.

PS.: The Duomo at night is something which can not be described with words. I am so full of beauty now.

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