Monday, December 9, 2013

Ásgeir - Going Home (The Toe Rag Acoustic Sessions)

One of my new friends told me that I am always listening to music, which is 100% true! I LOVE music, and I need music every day. Without music life would be empty. I discovered this Icelandic band today morning. They are awesome!! I dunno how they do it, but they really produce quality music on Iceland.

Home, I’m making my way home.
My mind’s already there.
Yes, my mind is

Light, you’re with me in the dark.
Light my way at night.
Let your light shine

Now, this burden weighs me down.
The heaviest of weights
knocks me to the ground, 
right down to the

Dew that sparkles on the ground.
Blue mountains loom above.
Blue mountains loom

in Icelandic <3

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