Thursday, October 10, 2013

On my feet again

Today I went to the shop by bus and I was so happy to be among people. Since I broke my foot I had to spend lot of time at home alone, and it made me realize how nice it is to live just a normal boring simple life. I miss my bus rides to my workplace, the lunch breaks, the people on the tram. The shops, the colors, the clothes..

Next week I will go to the office already, because I can rest my leg also on a chair in the next two weeks until my foot gets 100% ok.

It is funny that something bad has to happen that you realize how lucky you actually are. It is a big fat common sense, but now I am living this common sense and it is true. You can not imagine how happy I was today just for going to the shop by bus..

Some things I will do at the weekend to celebrate that I can move more again(with or without crutches)

- travel by bus
- go to a nice cafe on Esplanadi
- meet my friends
- take photos
- listen to my DJ friend playing at a club on Friday evening
- go to a bookstore
- collect ideas in shops for my winter style
- read the portrait photography book in a cafe and make notes to it
- look at people as they walk on the street
- drink hot chocolate at Stockmann

All the small things what I will be able to do will be nice, because I will be on my feet again. Go wherever I want to, move, change place, leave places where I do not want to be, and simply be in motion again!!!

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