Sunday, September 29, 2013


Some things I (re-)learnt about myself this week


  • I can be strong if I want to. Sometimes not acting is better than doing something desperate, wrong or something what hurts others or their comfort zones.
  • Having good friends is really like having your own tribe as Kelly Cutrone said. Only these people say things to you like how much happy they are to see you again, how much they like you and that they wish you happiness.
  • When more people tell me the same thing I actually really start to listen and think about what they said, even I pretend not to care for the first time.
  • It is good to be myself.
  • Even if I am stupid sometimes, I am willing to admit my mistakes. Even if it is unfortunately too late and the situation can not be fixed, at least I try to fix it.
  • I should appreciate more that I am 100% independent financially, because even if we live in a modern world it is not so self-evident even nowadays.

  • Sometimes it is still hard for me to keep my cool in stressful situations.
  • I try to fix things too much, and even if the other person is not willing to accept my apology, I am pushing to discuss things, because I can not accept that something went wrong.
  • I should like myself more.
  • I still do not know how to calm down when bad things happen to me. I do not have a mental "safe place" where I could retreat when things turn around me. It would be nice to have some habit or mental exercise which could help me to get back to a balanced state withing lets say 30 minutes, no matter what happens.

Tomorrow a new week starts. Hopefully with lot of joy and happiness. This week was a bit tiresome and hectic, sometimes also quite hard. I hope, that somehow everything will get back in balance, I will remember what I learnt, and there will be many good things happening to me.

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