Sunday, December 23, 2012

Suddenly in the depth of the forest

A strange village with adults filled with fear and silence when it comes to a certain topic. Children growing up in a place where this abandoned topic creates an atmosphere of being threatened . A place where one day all the animals have disappeared and everyone fears of the daemon of the night who is supposed to have taken away all the animals with it on that strange night long time ago when the children`s parents were children themselves.

Do animals exist at all? The children know only from books how they look like, and some of the more strange adults try to show them what sounds the animals made, but most of them do not care about it, or even think that animals are just creatures of fantasy.

The dark forest is said to be a place what children should avoid, it is only Matti and Maya who feel attracted to it. The two of them are different than others driven by this urge to go closer and closer to the forest. One day a miracle happens, in the river by the village where animals disappeared from long time ago, they discover a small fish, hear the barking of dogs from the distance...and something flies over them high above in the sky. Living in a place where secrets like this can not be shared with others, they decide to go and find out what else might be out there.

"...that the real world is not only what the eye sees and the ear hears and the fingers touch, but also what the eye cannot see, the ear cannot hear and the fingers cannot touch. And it shows itself sometimes, for only a moment, to those who see with their mind`s eye and know how to listen and hear with the ears of their soul and touch with the fingers of their mind"
-Amos Oz: Suddenly in the Depth of the Forest

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