Thursday, October 18, 2012

Examples of the Hegelian-dialectics in everyday life

I love the opposing forces in life. 

When you do not have money you have so many things in mind what you could buy, then if you have money you say "Well, I have money and so what. This does not makes my life content, and you start to appreciate small things more. 

Same when people praise and love you, it makes you think if you are really such a good person what they see in you, and makes you wan
t to improve yourself to an even better person. But when someone hurts and disrespects you it evokes the feeling of self-respect in you, because you start to question "Why can not this person see the good in me what all of my friends and myself see, and treat me the way I wish for?".

Life is at the end an amazingly balanced game equipped with fair dynamics.

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