Friday, February 13, 2015


Helsinki, Finland. Photo by Monika Csapo

It has been still very windy by the sea, but this view is worth freezing a bit, As you can see on the bottom right corner of the picture there is ice floating on the surface. It is not only a great view, but it makes also a a very nice and relaxing sound as the waves crash along the sea shore. I want to capture this phenomenon through photos, but i will have to work a bit more on this idea to get proper photos.

As I was taking photos the whole environment was very peaceful again. People were walking their dogs, some others took a walk at the trail where this bridge is located and on the way back i met a cute teenage couple who were on a date.

I got also a great compliment from a friend yesterday for this picture. She told me that she thought that the photo above which was shot in manual mode with a tripod and is the original and unedited picture was a processed one based on the picture quality.