Sunday, October 13, 2013

Helsinki electronic music scene

Raphael Pad is a dj and producer from Manaus, a city nestled in the Amazon Jungle, Brazil. Started his career in 2007, playing at the biggest clubs in the city, after joining some djs collective he took a course with Ludovic Vendi (Sleep is Commercial / K7 / Anozer, Berlin) and started producing his own music and later started his own event producer in Manaus, with his friend Diego Marzitelli (Undergrounder Prod, Manaus). His sound is characteristic, dark mood, deep and slightly slow paced, but still heavy and hypnotic, ranging from deep house to techno.

Pad`s music:

Some videos taken by me a the the beginning and during the night. The image quality is not so good, but you can hear the music properly:

Phone: +358 451 555 255

Reference work event producing: Undergrounder Treffen I (Manaus, Brazil)

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