Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Photo by Monika Csapo

When I arrived to Berlin by train there was this automatic exit at the railway station. You know, that which is going in circles and when someone touches it, it stops. There was one which stopped all the time. I was falling into the trap as well, but then I was so happy that I was in Berlin that I could not be angry for something so stupid and unimportant.
When I lit my cigarette I turned back and noticed a guy who was standing there smoking too and smiling that different people were repeating the same thing: getting stuck in in the exit. We looked at each other smiling and without talking the message went through: "Yes, we people are like this. We just go and repeat the same patterns, but it is ok. May be if we would stop and look what was happening in front of us couple of seconds ago, we could avoid it, but no, we are such in a hurry. Funny."

Certain patterns are quite repetitive in life, I am sure you have been wondering about it too, just as I have. Every time when I come from the train station in Helsinki, I look at the crowd arriving and starting to go towards the city center. It seems as if it would have always the same speed and the same structures. 

I like patterns. In life and in photography too. It gives you hope that life is not so complicated at all, when there might be some understandable structure sometimes in certain things.

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